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Future of electronic source documents

The government is interested in changing over of all source documents in e-form. The main driver shall be the desire of FNS to make requested document acceptance and processing easier. 

That is why FNS stated e-formats in which it will receive and process e-documents from tax payers. So the companies which want to send documents to tax inspection in e-form can do it generating documents in the format stated by FNS. In Y2013 law № 402-FZ «On accounting», becomes effective eliminating all stated by legislation source documents printed forms, so companies can use their own forms.   

XML-files formats for TORG-12 and Works (services) acceptance certificates have been already developed (see Order of FNS dated 21.03.2012 № ММВ-7-6/172@). Within 2 years it is highly possible to see e-formats for other source documents, too.

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