About company

Since 1988

Kontur develops software for business enabling easy cooperation between companies and their partners, companies and government as well as streamline internal business processes.

We create our services so that entrepreneurs can quickly cope with the routine and devote time to what is really important — business development. We enjoy our work and strive to ensure that it benefits our customers.

Company today
Russian IT vendors

4th of 40 in 2018 among the largest Russian software development companies, according to CNews Analytics.

1 970 000

Our products are widely used by corporations as well as small entrepreneurs all over Russia.

12 034

SKB Kontur has partners in all regions of Russia, Europe and the United States.

Why customers appreciate us


We specialize in high-load web services. We cooperate with the most reliable data centers. All engineering systems are reserved. Even if the light goes out because of the storm in the city where the servers are located, it will not affect the work of the services.


A team of specialists, including engineering psychologists, works on each product. They test every update with users. Therefore, our services are understandable without instructions and training courses.


Analysts study the subject area and regulatory framework thoroughly to ensure that our services meet the needs of the business and the requirements of the law.

If you need help — our experts are in touch. Each of them has passed a three-month training program and can answer a question of any complexity. Write!

Our history
1988 The specialized constructor bureau «Kontur» was created — just 4 years after the first Macintosh personal computer and 10 years earlier than Google. We have been developing programs for 30 years and have accumulated vast experience. Our portfolio also includes the most complex accounting systems for industrial holdings, and simple mobile applications for entrepreneurs.
1989 We released the program for the salary calculation Kontur.Zarplata. This is our first and very successful program. It is still being sold, and Kontur uses it to calculate the salary of our own employees.
2000 Start of the development of Internet reporting Kontur.Extern. It was the first web service that helped businesses communicate with the state via the Internet. Prior to this, companies could report only on paper. Today, 98% of companies report via the Internet. And we have learned how to make services in which hundreds of thousands of users work simultaneously.
2003 We launched our own certification authority. It issues electronic signature certificates for reporting and electronic trading, including government orders. Today, our Certification Authority is one of the largest commercial CA in the country: we have issued more than 7 million certificates.
2010 We launched a service for entrepreneurs Kontur.Elba. With it, businessmen can conduct business and report to the state without the help of an accountant.
2011 Start of the service for checking companies Kontur.Focus. The state began to gradually open data about companies, and we began to analyze them, make a convenient search and visual infographics. So we help Russian and foreign entrepreneurs to conduct business in Russia safely.
2012 The first electronic invoice in Russia, which is legally binding was transmitted through the Kontur.Diadok service. This was the beginning of electronic document circulation in Russia. Today Diadok is a platform for international EDI: with its help, Russian companies exchange documents with foreign partners, including Ericsson AB.
2015 We have released Kontur.Declarant for the customs declaration of goods. It allows you to prepare and send declarations to all customs authorities of Russia and greatly simplifies the life of importers and exporters of goods.
2017 We started to develop services for small retail. One of them is Kontur.Market — service for accounting of goods from delivery to sale. It allows you to monitor receipts, write-offs and balances in real time. It helps small shops, which previously had no automation, to meet the requirements of the state and work more efficiently.
2018 Launch of the service Kontur.Hotel. It is an online property management system that allows you to efficiently manage inventory, and get bookings from booking.com and other hotel booking sites directly to Front desk (in the checkerboard).
Searching for partners

We are interested in having partners worldwide. If your customers work with Russia, Kontur.Focus will increase the loyalty of your customers and open new markets for them. If your customers are hotels, Kontur.Hotel will help them work more efficiently and reduce costs.

We are open to cooperation and are ready to consider your proposals for joint projects. If you are interested in developing a new direction for your company, fill out the form and we will contact you to find out how we can be useful to each other. Start working with Kontur.