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About company

Since 1988

Company today
1st place
SaaS in Russia

Leader among SaaS-providers
in Russia in terms of revenue
from sales in 2011–2018.
According to CNews.

2 100 000

Kontur’s products are used
by entrepreneurs, small companies and large corporations in Russia and abroad.

13 582

Kontur works with partners
in Latvia, Germany, Belarus, USA and other countries, as well as
in all 85 regions of Russia.

biggest IT companies

8th place among Russian companies in sphere of information and communication technologies according to the results of 2019. According to RAEX.

9 200

Kontur created a strong team
of experienced developers
and specialists in software testing
and implementation.

biggest fiscal data operators

7th place among biggest fiscal
data operators in 2020 according
to CNews Analytics.

IT developers in Russia

4th place among Russian
IT delelopers according
to CNews Analytics data in 2019.

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We have been developing with IT industry since 1988
World-elite developers

CVs of our programmers are valued in Google or Amazon, but Kontur preserves its staff, work in our team is challenging and prestigious.

Our developers often make speeches on technological conferences, participate in programming championships, contribute in OpenSource, teach and help gifted students to become highly professional programmers, testers, analysts.

Reliable, quick and friendly products

Kontur has over 60 web-services for large corporations and small companies. Every year we launch pilot projects in reply to business needs. Successful solutions are included into our product portfolio or become a starting point for new researches.

Marketing and sales without limits

We work with partners online and offline. Our marketing experts thoroughly study market needs, and experience of our sales team enables enlargement of partner network worldwide and scaling sales channels from first transaction to bulk orders.

Why clients and partners appreciate us

Kontur has over 60 web-services for large corporations and small companies. Every year we launch pilot projects in reply to business needs. Successful solutions are included into our product portfolio or become a starting point for new researches.


Our services are easy-to-understand without manuals and trainings, because our developers and UX/UI-specialists check every solution with users. 


Analysts and marketing experts study business problems and market trends. On the basis of studies developers create web- services with sets of various functions, while sales experts help clients in selecting optimal solution for their business.

We evolve by ourselves and help others to grow
We share experience and knowledge with professionals

Our experts organize trainings for companies and entrepreneurs.In 2019 almost 90 000 people visited our events.

We train developers and give them a boost 

With Kontur educational programs students learn programming, testing and how to deal with UI/UX.Best students come to Kontur for probation in order to solve complex and interesting tasks together with professionals and become cool developers themselves.

We create environment for work and art

New scientific and technological complex Kontur-Park will become an attraction point for IT specialists.It will include offices for 5000 people, training center, kindergarten and climbing center of international level.

We appreciate challenging ideas

With Kontur’s support Fedor Konukhov,a traveler, passed in a row boat the South Ocean from New Zeeland to Cape Horn. Konukhov performs environmental monitoring of seas and oceans during his travel. 

We support smart contests

We sponsor professional conferences, championships and developers meetups. In 2014 Kontur together with Ural Federal University hosted ACM ICPC World Cup, international students programming contest. In 2020 team of our developers organized international contest ICFP Contest — first time in history in Russia and first time outside of major universities.

We increase international activity

We conduct a lot of research in order to develop new products for business with various needs and specifics. Right now we are looking for ideas of such products in the Czech Republic, Germany, Poland, USA.
Do you have an idea of a product that will push the market? Are you ready to cooperate? Contact us!

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Our history
1988 The specialized constructor bureau «Kontur» was created — just 4 years after the first Macintosh personal computer and 10 years earlier than Google. We have been developing programs for 30 years and have accumulated vast experience. Our portfolio also includes the most complex accounting systems for industrial holdings, and simple mobile applications for entrepreneurs.
1989 We released the program for the salary calculation Kontur.Zarplata. This is our first and very successful program. It is still being sold, and Kontur uses it to calculate the salary of our own employees.
2000 Start of the development of Internet reporting Kontur.Extern. It was the first web service that helped businesses communicate with the state via the Internet. Prior to this, companies could report only on paper. Today, 98% of companies report via the Internet. And we have learned how to make services in which hundreds of thousands of users work simultaneously.
2003 We launched our own certification authority. It issues electronic signature certificates for reporting and electronic trading, including government orders. Today, our Certification Authority is one of the largest commercial CA in the country: we have issued more than 7 million certificates.
2010 We launched a service for entrepreneurs Kontur.Elba. With it, businessmen can conduct business and report to the state without the help of an accountant.
2011 Start of the service for checking companies Kontur.Focus. The state began to gradually open data about companies, and we began to analyze them, make a convenient search and visual infographics. So we help Russian and foreign entrepreneurs to conduct business in Russia safely.
2012 Russia's first legally significant electronic invoice was sent through Kontur.Diadoc service. This was the beginning of electronic document flow in Russia. Today there are more than 1.5 million companies that work in Diadoc. They send and receive documents electronically within seconds, saving on printing, delivery and storage.
2015 We have released Kontur.Declarant for the customs declaration of goods. It allows you to prepare and send declarations to all customs authorities of Russia and greatly simplifies the life of importers and exporters of goods.
2017 We started to develop services for small retail. One of them is Kontur.Market — service for accounting of goods from delivery to sale. It allows you to monitor receipts, write-offs and balances in real time. It helps small shops, which previously had no automation, to meet the requirements of the state and work more efficiently.
2018 Launch of the service Kontur.Hotel. It is an online property management system that allows you to efficiently manage inventory, and get bookings from booking.com and other hotel booking sites directly to Front desk (in the checkerboard).
2018 The service for exchange of legally significant documents between Russian and foreign companies was launched. The service works under Kontur.Diadoc. For example, such companies as "MegaFon" and Huawei, "MTC" and Ericsson, "Nizhnekamskneftekhim" and its 50 foreign partners are already using Kontur.Diadoc.

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