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Service for detailed check of contractors

Receive information about your contractors from Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other countries in order to quickly assess cooperation risks. The service will help to check companies from Russia on inclusion into global sanction lists, avoid account blocking, secondary sanctions and fines.

All important data on Russian
companies in a single window

Focus gathers maximum information about a contractor: basic company data (address, registration date, data about the management), company financial position, arbitration procedures, links with other companies. The service identifies important facts in contractor activity, highlights risks and gives recommendations on their decrease. It gathers all in one report which is easy to download.

Also, you can order on-site audit of any Russian company and check whether a contractor is located at the specified address. Data from 25 sources are regularly updated, most of them on a daily basis.

Check contractors on inclusion into sanction lists

Global check is display of information about clients being included into sanction lists of the USA, the UN, the European Union and 30 more countries and international organizations. If a company under check is not included into any sanction list, but its owners or founders are sanctioned — the service will inform you thereon.

Sanction lists are downloaded directly from the initial source. They are verified and added online 24/7, they are always updated.


programs of World sanction lists

It is 95% of World sanctions

41 500+

unique profiles of legal entities and individuals taking into consideration a 50 % rule

Around 95 % of initial sanctions

A 50 % rule

is 100 % realized for Russian Federation

Check of companies from Belarus

Important registration information, writ proceedings, taxes and dues, bankruptcy, data from Unified State Register, etc.

26 data sources

Regular source update. Every day — every quarter.

Check of companies from Kazakhstan

Contractor details, debts on taxes and charges, government contracts, etc.

8 sources

Regular source update. Every day — every quarter.

Business-references and extracts

Commercial and tax risks increase in cooperation with foreign partners. It is not easy to find reliable information on a business partner located in another country.

Receive updated information on companies from 160 countries in a business reference: managers, founders, financial statements, property, assets, etc.

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