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Kirovsky plant, JSC industrial holding


Main supply volume of Kirovsky plant, as a governing company, is internal. All the supplies are accompanied by set of documents, that is why huge document flow — more than 30 000 documents per year on more than 10 types of activities — is internal. All basic documents flowing in-between affiliated companies go through a matching system: they go to contract controllers, are approved by several departments, and only after that they are in accounting.

The challenge in such a scheme is to deliver correct document to accounting on-time (especially during closing of reporting period). This was not always possible due to long matching system. Some mass was added by the fact that internal document flow system was not integrated with accounting systems (with 1C on affiliated companies and with SAP R3 on Kirovsky plant). Due to this accounting department did not know where the document is at the moment. 

Choosing the solution

In spring, 2011 Kirovsky plant one of the first in North-West region decided to change over to e-basic documents.

«E-documents are real and near future. We target at continuous production improvement and quality increase, and we could not ignore such a business optimization tendency, — tells Marina Pashkova, chief accountant deputy of Kirovsky plant. – It was clear that sooner or later we will change over to EDI and to be ready to active implementation of e-documents in Russia we decided to start with document flow inside our holding».

Holding required a universal solution enabling:

  • receive and send e-documents;
  • interchange legal documents within activity participants;
  • sign/ reject to sign e-documents;
  • process e-document: register, generate bundles, approve documents.

Main requirements to EDI system and provider were:

  • «turn-key» implementation;
  • analysis and processing of all internal processes including work-flow;
  • integration with accounting systems SAP R3 and «1С: Organization»;
  • wide experience on IT services market;
  • on-going technical and informational support.

The holding has chosen Diadoc by SKB Kontur in the bid.


They decided to start EDI implementation from Kirovsky plant and three affiliated companies.

The following actions were defined as necessary to integrate Diadoc with internal approval systems:

  1. Existing document flow system was excluded. Generation and approval of e-documents was organized in “1C:Document flow” in affiliated companies and in SAP R3 on Kirovsky plant. Their functionality was enlarged by additional modules and components;
  2. Integrate Diadoc EDI system with “1C: Document flow” and SAP R3.

Approval of basic documents on affiliated companies was realized in “1C: Document flow” module, developed by SKB Kontur experts based on  packaged Diadoc integration solution for “1C” products. Functionality of Archive with web-access enabled organization of unified storage for documents of Kirovsky plant affiliated companies. Archive was also used for tracking of approvals in affiliated companies: accounting of parent company could control over e-document navigation.


All system components providing EDI between the companies with necessary functionality are being tested. Legal documents are interchanged in Diadoc.

As a result Kirovsky plant has solved all the initial tasks: document processing efficiency and speed have increased, automatic recording system was created. In March 2012 they started system beta testing: document interchange on all 10 activities.


«Now we have paper and electronic document interchange in parallel: in beta testing there are some mistakes possible (beta testing will last for three months), we double all the documents in paper. We are waiting approved e-invoice formats appearance in Diadoc in order to start interchange by legal documents», — says Sergey Kulabuhov, IT department head in Kirovsky plant.

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