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SCHNEIDER GROUP helps international companies to launch and develop business in Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus, Ukraine and Uzbekistan. More than 500 experts provide consulting services, including market analysis, accounting outsourcing, tax consulting, implementation of ERP-systems and legal support.


  • Automate the coordination and payment of incoming invoices from suppliers and contractors.
  • Reduce labor costs for preparing and sending primary documents to clients: invoices, universal transfer document, certificates, bills of lading.
  • Accelerate signing of documents for VAT accounting.
  • Control the status of receiving documents in real time.

SCHNEIDER GROUP sends documents both to the Far North and the Far East. Thus the employees having the right to sign, often are in business trips. Therefore all process from formation of paper documents before returning of the signed copies sometimes occupied the whole month.

The company spent 100-200 rubles for the delivery of documents by mail or courier service. At the same time, these methods did not provide an opportunity to track the document online, its current location at any given moment and whether it is signed by the counterparty.


When selecting an EDI system, SCHNEIDER GROUP used  the following criteria:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • availability of a web interface;
  • availability of mobile application and English interface;
  • Flexible settings of the approval routes;
  • delimitation of access rights in the EDI system;
  • 24/7 technical support.


The IT department of the company has installed the Diadok module for 1C on its own.

SCHNEIDER GROUP accountants form the primary documents in the accounting system. Heads of subdivisions and the general director coordinate and sign documents in the web version of the service.

Thanks to the routes for incoming invoices, the documents are moved between the responsible employees and are automatically passed on to them for signature. At the end of the workflow, the accountant is notified that the invoice can be paid.


The EDI project was launched in spring 2019. Within a few months, 350 counterparties joined the electronic document flow with SCHNEIDER GROUP. This allowed saving the resources and time of employees:

  • The speed of document processing and signing increased by 30%.
  • Expenses for document management were reduced by one third.
  • Labour costs were reduced by 10 man-hours per month.


Yuriy Krasilnikov
Project Manager, Business Applications

The implementation of the EDI project has helped us to achieve the goals to improve document flow efficiency and reduce costs. We have transformed business processes for processing incoming and outgoing documents into an electronic form. As a result, we have achieved transparency of document flow and accelerated documents’ exchange with customers, contractors and suppliers.
Employees liked the simple and clear interface and the prompt resolution of issues by the support team in case of errors. SCHNEIDER GROUP offices are located in eight countries, so it is important for us to have uninterrupted operation of the EDI system from anywhere in the world.

Olga Kulagina
Business Development Manager, Corporate

The efficiency of the transition to EDI is also determined by thorough preparation: my colleagues from SCHNEIDER GROUP and I have analyzed the chain of paper document flow in advance. In the existing scheme of work we have replaced the links of courier delivery to the electronic transport of documents, as well as carried out integration with the module for 1C and configured the routing of documents. Thanks to this, the transition to EDI was smooth. The employees continued to solve their work tasks, adapting to the new service in parallel.

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