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Manage compliance risks in accordance with international AML / CFT standards

The platform provides KYC, suspicious activity monitoring and compliance control coverage and enables risk detection, scoring and alerting to safely conduct business and avoid fraud.

Conducting your business
with Russia safely

Strict compliance with FATF requirements and AML / CFT regulations.

Targeted alerts and risk assessment enhances your controls in the complex environment and provide a whole picture analysis of a customer’s profile, risk levels, and predicted future activity, and can also generate reports and create alerts to suspicious activity.

Real-time online identity verification protects from exposure to financial crime.

Global Sanctions Check screens Russian entities, related parties and transactions to avoid transacting with sanctioned entities or embargoed goods.

Data from hundreds of premium data sources worldwide is combined with expert-infused machine learning analytics to present a complete assessment of a certain Russian entity.

Watch List helps to quickly identify individuals and entities in Russia that present a potential source of risk to their business, territory, or overall safety, and then efficiently manage the compliance review and reporting process.

Accurate PEP Screening helps avoid dealing with politically exposed persons in the Russian Federation who present a higher risk for potential involvement in bribery and corruption.

Who we are

SKB Kontur is the largest provider of KYC solutions in Russia for regional financial institutions, government regulators, as well as global trade entities. The company provides real-time fraud prevention and anti-money laundering detection solutions that address such concerns as payment fraud, sanctions monitoring and customer due diligence.

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