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Why Kontur.Hotel?

Cost optimization with Kontur.Hotel

  • Kontur. Hotel brings you flexibility. Get access to your hotel PMS wherever your work, just having an internet connection. All modules of the service (PMS, channel manager, booking engine) are integrated — one window service — and there is no need to pay for the IT specialist for difficult installation.
  • Accessibility and Easy to Use. Clear reservation form is working to a fast and proper service. Easily available room description for direct sales and increasing Average Daily Room Rate (ADR).
  • Detailed information about the arriving guests would help to consider all preferences and lead to a pleasant feed back. Guests would likely return again and bring money.
  • Prepare rooms for sale just in time due to a housekeeping task manager.
  • Pre-payment and debt controls could reduce financial loses from unpaid invoices.
  • Time saving is a chance to focus on real property and service tasks. Due to a channel manager and Booking engine reservations are automatically transferred from channels into the hotel's Front desk. And at the same time changes in the availability through direct bookings are reflected to the reservation channels. No need to serf through several channels' extranets and monitor hotel e-mail.
  • Opportunity to increase the occupancy by 15–20 % through more online bookings by expand the number of platforms that you work with.
  • Efficient daily rate loading function allows to make rate changes, load seasons, add special offers relative to the market terms. Easily keep up-to-date prices on every sales resource.
  • Allotment calendar helps to control the amount of rooms you sell through channels. When the demand is high you can easily decrease the number of rooms from quotas to channels and sell them directly without an agent fee.
  • You can manage the hotel revenue and occupancy based on information from the sales and marketing reports.
  • Free Updates — no extra payment for new developed functions of the service during the pre-paid period.
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