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Property settings

Kontur.Hotel is a cloud, user friendly, property management system. Service interface is designed as simple and pleasant as possible. With Kontur. Hotel you don’t need to be in your office all the time. Manage your business from anywhere with an internet connection.

To start running your hotel just:

  • Create a description for your hotel property, add room categories, decide how the rooms of each type will be sold: a full room or by bed, upload photos.
  • Set a list of services that your hotel offers. For example, breakfast, parking, tour services etc.
  • Create the rate description — set a room price, depending on room category, season and put services that will be available for guests for this rate.

The most important activity among the hotel processes is a reservations’ transferring. Due to the alert function in Kontur.Hotel you would never miss a booking change or cancellation from any source you set.

To prepare a room for the arriving guest or managing the day cleaning would play an important role in room sales process and guests’ satisfaction. Our service helps to manage the HK and Front office departments in this case and create tasks for employees.

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