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Reservations and Front office management

Kontur.Hotel provides you with the tool to work with and increases hotel reservations — PMS, channel manager and booking engine through one window. Reservations are automatically transferred from channels into the hotel's Front desk. And at the same time changes in the availability through direct bookings are reflected to the reservation channels.

The Kontur.Hotel channel manager prevents you form the waste of time when logging into several different accounts on various platforms to track your bookings. What are the advantages?

  • Time saving both for you and your staff.
  • An opportunity to increase the occupancy by 15–20 % through more online bookings. Expand the number of platforms that you work with.
  • Immediate reservations’ notifications. Prevents you from missing reservations and errors related with lost bookings when transferring information manually. When a client books, changes, cancels a room on one of the platforms, it is shown in the Front desk.
  • When the hotel decide to make changes in the rate structure, the information is updated on all platforms. Information about changes in rates is automatically transferred to connected online booking platforms.
  • Quota calendar helps to control the amount of rooms you sell through channels. When the demand is high you can easily decrease the number of rooms from Allotments to channels and sell them directly without an agent fee.
  • Your employees are aware of the hotel availability process, considering early check-ins and late check-outs all the time.

Booking engine integration provides the opportunity to have a web link on the hotel’s webpage. The hotels availability is automatically updated to the booking engine and also reservations are downloaded automatically.

Clearly and intuitively designed PMS system would be easily used by your staff.

Add new information about bookings, check-ins and check-outs into it. This way, all employees in the hotel will always have up-to-date information about rooms available. Reception staff would no longer have to pass written information to the next shift: all they will have to do is to open Kontur.Hotel and all current information is clear.

It is up-to-date clear whether a payment for hotel services is made or the room is half-paid by the certain guest due to information on a calendar and in each reservation. Front office could easily offer a guest folio on the check-out.

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