Bookings all over the world. In one window

Kontur.Hotel provides you with the instruments to work with bookings as well as with a new booking engine for hotels that increases the number of bookings. It automatically transfers data from booking platforms ( and into the hotel's Front desk. This allows you to avoid having to personally log in to your accounts on various platforms to track your bookings.

What are the advantages? Time savings both for you and your staff. More importantly, you receive an opportunity to increase the occupancy rate in your hotel by 15–20 % through more online bookings. In addition, you are relieved of the stress related to missed bookings and, instead of limiting the number of platforms that you work with, you can expand them, because Kontur.Hotel takes care of everything.

Capabilities for hotels

When the function of property management system in a hotel is directly connected to booking platforms, you have the following advantages:

  1. Immediate booking notifications. When a client books a room on one of the platforms, it is shown in the Front desk.
  2. At all times, all of the employees in a hotel possess information on rooms that are available for sale considering early check-ins and late check-outs.
  3. You don't have to remove a booked room from all other platforms — the offer is removed from the internet automatically.
  4. Information on bookings is copied to the Front desk automatically, allowing to avoid errors related with lost bookings when transferring information manually.
  5. When a guest cancels a booking, the booking is removed from the Front desk and the hotel room is offered for sale on all platforms.
  6. Information about changes in regard to prices and rates is automatically transferred to connected online booking platforms. When the Head of Front Office makes changes to the rate structure of a hotel, the information is updated on all platforms.

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